RimaAfrika Trust Profile

RimaAfrika Trust was founded and registered in February 2019. It is a rural and urban agriculture development oriented entity with interests in developing sustainable livelihoods, incomes and combat malnutrition in vulnerable community groups.


To promote and capacitate vulnerable communities’ livelihoods status through agricultural support and relevant conversations.


To fight urban and rural poverty, malnutrition and economic marginalization through capacity building and agricultural and related interventions.


We value professionalism, inclusion, community actions, efficiency , productivity and accountability.

Target Beneficiaries

Women, orphans, youth and children.

Thematic Areas


Nutrition Action Plan (2020-2021)Odzi-Successfully implemented a 50 nutrition gardens program with women and orphans in the area. We gave them a single value pack of vegetable seeds and advised them on (GAPS ) Good Agronomic Practices and climate change mitigation ( use of organic manure instead of industrial fertilizers )

Climate Change

Trained women and a few male farmers in Odzi and Nyika on organic manure usage as a climate change mitigation alternative and capacitated them on ideals composting techniques.
Introduced free indoor Mushroom production classes online to help capacitate women from both urban and rural to understand the climate smart concepts of indoor food production.

Research and Policy Advocacy

  • Participated and collaborated with Transparency International Zimbabwe in Research on Limiting Factors to Women Land Ownership in 2020.
  • Social media lobbying on Agricultural policy changes and improvements.

Access to Information

Voluntary Agronomy for interested farmers through call ins and free training for a host of crops on request.


Provision of free vegetable seeds to identified individuals ( mostly women and children ) in need and willing to grow nutrition vegetables. With a target to reduce households malnutrition and improve health for marginalized women and children.

Seed Banking

Currently working with individuals and traditional leadership in Manicaland , Midlands and Mashonaland Central on establishing Seed Banks to protect vulnerable communities against high seed costs, food insecurity and effects of climate change.

Accelerate 2030 Program 2021 National Finalist

Our venture was one of the 10 selected social ventures for the Global Accelerate2030 Sustainable Development Goals Competition in partnership with Impacthub Harare and United Nations Development Program for capacitation and training.

Social Media


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