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SHARE is a Zimbabwean research institution, established in 2020. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Munrev Investments (known as The Municipal Review), an organization established in 2018 to conduct local government research. SHARE was established as a vehicle to facilitate social science research in Zimbabwe, with the aim of solving some of Africa’s perennial social, political and governance problems, and eventually meet the SDGs target.

Specific areas of research include youth and gender issues, literacy and education, poverty and community development, arts and the creative sector, justice and governance, accountability and civil participation, social accountability as well as media and human rights. We believe that research outcomes create an evidence base, on which developmental interventions in communities can be based. This means that as an organization we may not be seen on the field, but we work to provide critical data and information that informs developmental strategies.

The organization is based in Bulawayo but does research work across the breadth and depth of Zimbabwe. It is anticipated that operations will grow to encompass the SADC region as we share a lot of socio economic and cultural ties with neighbouring countries.

The major beneficiaries from our focused research work include development partners, donors, and individual communities. Communities are ultimately our biggest beneficiaries as other CSOs are equipped, through research outcomes, to provide appropriate solutions for problems in specific communities and to specific vulnerable groups.

As stated, our areas of focus are a variety of interrelated social, political and governance issues, especially regarding vulnerable and/or disadvantaged groups such as children, women and the less privileged.

To date, SHARE has done research into local government financial management, local government land use, GBV within local authorities, opportunities in arts, film, for young people and minority groups, art as an expression as well as education opportunities for the girl child in the face of harmful traditional and religious practices. Our desire is to have a working relationship with other CSOs with the common goal to meet SDGs. Our website is , contact and our Twitter handle is @HealingSocial

Source: SHARE

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