2021 Headlines

As 2021 comes to an end we give you a flashback of the years’ most topical headlines, in rap! Be sure to click the link and listen in on Soundcloud.

Thought I was all grown up but am not
Turned 21 in the back of our yard
No friends
Distance grew us apart
No chilling no outings
No all o’ that
Isolation got the best of me
A little cough sneeze
They got afraid of me
A little weak me
They got rid of me
Now on my own
My thoughts killing
will I ever work?
Will I build at all?
Getting hot, will I live long?
Yeah life is short life
but gosh no
Another month home
I need to work though
Got kids in house that look up to me
Needing food on the table and the table too
But these the regulations couldn’t care less
And them top officials tend to give less
To home less and helpless
Getting hopeless
Try’na burn troubles in Crystal meth
Forgetting effect leading to death
Now Teen sis got a baby belly
Now she dumping school for her baby daddy
What the whole world in turning into
Is shocking all sinners and saints
Getting hard to pray for our sins too
As the situation is unstable
There is nowhere to run to
Coz then rich folks be confused too
Popping pills pills for the high bills
As the situation got real real
Coz the situation knew no high class
Still bills rose and the high fell
As the bills rose money value fell
Its value dropped
The low stayed low

Listen to the rap song here

Source: Lisah (Monalisa Mafuka)

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