Zimbabwe Covid-19 Herd Immunity By December 2021: A Far-fetched Dream: November 2021 Monitoring Report on Access to Public Health

ZDI’s November report on access to public health interrogates the feasibility of Zimbabwe achieving Covid-19 herd immunity by December. Read on to get more on this all important issue.

The period under review was characterised by a steady growth in Covid-19 vaccination across the country. By 31 October 2021, the country had vaccinated over 3 million people against the pandemic. However, the increase in vaccinations still fall short of the set target of 60% herd immunity by end of the year 2021. By its own admission, the government through the Ministry of Health and Child Care revealed that Covid-19 Vaccination Roll Out and Deployment program had, as at 31 October 2021, reached a national coverage of 38% of the targeted population. The period between 31 October and 31 December (2 months) is realistically not enough to vaccinate the remaining 62% given that the actual vaccination rate of 38% was attained over a period between March and October (7 months).

The attainment of Covid-19 herd immunity in Zimbabwe finds itself in a precarious situation given that the country is now less than a month away from the end of the year and only 3.73 million people have been vaccinated against a target of 10 million.

Read the full report here (1MB PDF)

Source: Zimbabwe Democracy Institute

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