ARTUZ 2022 Government Budget Perspective

The tabling of the 2022 national budget has generated a lot of commentary and debate. Read on to get ARTUZ’s perspective!

The annual national budget statement for the year 2022 presented by the Minister of Finance Professor Mthuli Ncube on the 25th of November was presented amidst desirous anticipation, Hope and keen interest by workers and citizens in general. The statement was made at a time When incomes and wages continue to be eroded by inflation and with acute deficits in funding For social services such as health, education, water, and housing.

The statement reinforced government’s commitment to neoliberal policies. The fiscal policies Remains strongly directed towards maintaining high taxes, achieving fiscal stability, and cash budgeting. Despite repeated commitments to end RBZ quasi-fiscal commitments the government continues to trample on the independence of the RBZ which has culminated in the taxpayer assuming a RBZ generated debt of US$3.3billion. The Public debt overhang is a staggering USD$13.75billion. The taxpayer remains overburdened by odious debts negotiated by elites.

The most shocking is the levy on cell phones, a flat fee of USD50 is retrogressive as it derails All efforts towards digital inclusion. In COVID-19 context Zimbabwe should be focusing on promoting virtual learning through ICT tools. ICT tools also brings potential for economic growth if properly utilized across sectors. This levy should be scrapped.

Read the full commentary here (227KB PDF)

Source: ARTUZ

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