Access to Justice and Social Cohesion in Zimbabwe: The Role of Chapter 12 Institutions

The recently published training manual on access to justice and social cohesion in Zimbabwe by the Institute for Young Women Development is designed to assist participants being trained on access to justice and social cohesion to apply information in real life situations mindful of the challenges they may encounter.

The manual gives guidelines for the trainer on the crucial issues of access to justice for women. It is intended to equip trainers with competencies needed to train young women to face the challenges that they face on a daily basis. The manual also encourages participant-centered, participatory and interactive learning approaches.

Through the manual,  IWYD seeks to empower young women to challenge political, economic, social and cultural situations through engaging in activities that change behaviors, practices or procedures that have created obstacles to social cohesion and access to justice for young women, as well as to collaborate and promote those that ensure better access and balanced communities.

You can access the manual here (2MB PDF)

Source: Institute for Young Women Development



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