Statement on the Opening of Schools

Research Hub for Children with Disability (REHUBCD) is a trust that provide information and evidence on the circumstances of children with disabilities for policy makers, donors and communities to come up with progressive policies and programmes that protect and promote children with disabilities.

REHUBCD is commending the government for opening schools after a long break. The long break affected children with disabilities more as most of them live in rural areas where telecommunication infrastructure is bad. They did not manage to access either radio or online lessons. REHUBCD noted with concerns that children with disabilities got least assistances from government and other stakeholders during the school closure, they felt left out and could not access some daily medication they needed for their upkeep.

REHUBCD is appealing to government and other children focused donors to focus on distributing open lip masks in schools for deaf children to be able to lip read their teachers and friends. Soap and sanitizers should also be distributed since most guardians or parents of children with disabilities can not afford to buy these items.

We are currently working on our database by compiling information and contact details of children with disabilities in Zimbabwe. SMS “JOIN” to +26371 7073794 to register your child.


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