In the National Assembly this Week – Bill Watch 54/2021

Only the National Assembly is Sitting This Week
The Senate has Adjourned until Tuesday 17th August

Bill Watch 53/2021 of 2nd August entitled “Cyber Bill not yet Passed” covered last week’s unexpected hitch in finalising the Cyber and Data Protection Bill. A further update on business conducted last week in both Houses of Parliament will follow in a separate bulletin. Meanwhile, this short bulletin indicates what is on the National Assembly Order Paper for this week.


As the National Assembly made no progress on Bills last week, the Bills to be considered are the same as they were a week ago.


There is a long list of motions awaiting presentation. The following appear high on this list:

  • 2020 Annual Report of NPRC; This is a take-note motion by the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. The debate on the report has already started and is due to continue if MPs wish to make any further contributions.
  • Motion in reply to President’s Speech opening the present Session; MPs have completed their contributions. Ministers will continue responding to points arising from MPs’ contributions that affect their Ministries. Some Ministers have already done so, but there are more Ministers to still do so.
  • Liaison and Co-ordination Committee Report on the Second [the previous] Session of Parliament; Hon Togarepi, who chairs this committee as the governing party’s Chief Whip will present this report.
  • Report on Fact-Finding Visits to Areas affected by Mining Disasters; Hon Mkaratigwa is listed to present this report by the Portfolio Committee on Mines and Mining Development.
  • Proposed special Public Holiday to Honour Women; Hon Madiwa’s motion calls on the Government to declare a public holiday to celebrate women’s achievements in the development and liberation of Zimbabwe.

Question Time [Wednesday]

Questions without notice come first. An hour is allowed for this, and the House can vote for an extension of time. Then will come written questions with notice

There are only two written questions with notice on the Order Paper for Question Time on Wednesday. Both are described as “deferred from the 12th May”, so replies from the Ministers concerned seem to be long overdue.

  • Hon Chinyanganya’s question for the Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities asks for information about when the Government will construct flats for residents of SQs [Single Quarters] and GBs [General Barracks] in Ward 2, Kadoma Central.
  • Hon Raidza’s question for the Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry is about when the Ministry will implement plans to protect the environment and ecosystem around Buchwa Mountain in Mberengwa constituency from the destruction being carried out by inhabitants who are parcelling out land in this “preserved mountain”.

Source: Veritas

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