Dzikwa Trust Arts and Culture Programme

By 21 July 2021Education, Youth

Dzikwa Trust is an education support programme for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Dzivarasekwa. It empowers children and mainstreams Unhu/Ubuntu, gender rights, children’s rights through performing arts, including through the Enhanced Sisterhood project. They also collaborate with UNICEF Zimbabwe in relation to promoting children’s rights. Currently they have a domestic violence theater production titled ‘Broken’ which is an action packed theater production by young people (12-19 years old).

Background to the Dzikwa Arts and Culture Programme

In response to the need ensure the whole development of the child and the realization that Dzivarasekwa has gifted children with great potential in the arts. Dzikwa Trust formulated a performing arts training programme in accordance to Article 29 UNCRC and ACRWCand already stated. The integration of education to inculcate cultural values of Unhu/Ubuntu, child rights and gender education and regular training was adopted through experience to identifying and nurturing talents.

Dzikwa Trust believes that arts activities offer children opportunities to develop skills and knowledge necessary to express themselves through various aesthetic activities, to gain confidence and nurture their talents. As such opening opportunities for arts activities recognize and reward creative thinking which is critical for child performers to realize their potential, motivate them and contribute to cognitive, social, personal and cultural development, but most importantly artistic development. The programme is supported from Dzikwa Trust general funds and has received support from the Zimbabwe Culture Fund in the past. The programme is being implemented through regular arts training at Dzikwa Trust Activity Center in Dzivarasekwa since 2007.

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Source: Dzikwa Trust