Zimbabwe CivActs Campaign: Issue 6

Accountability Lab’s latest issue of CivActs is out. It zooms in on water challenges in the suburb of GlenView and how this is affecting households in the area.

GlenView Water Challenges

Glen View isn’t the easiest place to get clean water.The CivActs program conducted a survey in June 2021 to understand the issues residents faced. Almost exactly half of those surveyed(51%) had water that day. For those who did have it, none at all have had running water continuously for more than a week.

Quality of Water

Even when there is municipal running water, few residents trust it to drinkor cook with. For drinking and cooking people prefer borehole water. Thatmeans long queues; people wait, and a few (but only 18%) pay bribes toget the water in the end.

Access the whole CivActs bulletin here (822KB PDF)

Source: Accountability Lab

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