Demolitions to Resume in the Next 30 Days

The Provincial Development Coordinator for Harare Province, Mr Tafadzwa Muguti yesterday assured the public that demolitions of all structures along road servitudes will resume after thirty days. His assertions come at a time when the “government operation” was blocked by a court interdict in favor of Chitungwiza Residents Trust that was issued by the High Court.

Speaking on the Radio Program , Muriro on Monday hosted by Star FM , Mr Muguti said, “an interdict is not a judgement to stop us from enforcing the law and in this case they (Chitrest) were mischievous in that they used the Regional Town Planning Act”, said Muguti.

“We are going to wait for 30 days and we are resuming”, added Muguti. The Harare Provincial Development Coordinator justified demolitions citing that there were enforcing provisions of the Roads Act and paving way for the government’s roads rehabilitation programme.

However, residents fought back with stinger questions which Mr Muguti failed to answer, “Can you name a street or road which the government is failing to rehabilitate because of illegal structures?”

Another resident went on to say that “why does the government have money to construct new roads when it is failing to fix the potholes which are scattered in all roads?”

The debate spilled over to the social media where the constitutionality of the office of the PDC has been viewed as an “Illegal structure” that needs to be demolished.

“The position of the PDC is illegal as there are no constitutional provisions on devolution to justify his position and If the government is sincere on following the law the position of the PDC must be terminated first”, added the resident.

The Combined Harare Residents Association calls on the local authorities and government of Zimbabwe to embrace constitutionalism and respect human rights when enforcing the law.

Source: Combined Harare Residents Association

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