Women for Economic and Social Empowerment (W.E.S.E) Launches in Manicaland (Rusape)

The Women for Economic and Social Empowerment (WESE) was officially launched on the 5th of June 2021 in Manicaland, Rusape, a collective of women from across Zimbabwe converged in Rusape to breathe life to a new unique Platform for women to amplifytheir social and economic fight for not just equality but equity on all fronts.

The major focus of WESE is to bridge the economic gap in an economic environment which is largely patriarchal and polarized and the foundations were laid in Rusape where bold resolutions were made and a consensus was reached to not only speak but take a leading role in women emancipation.The launch was graced by women from all socio-economic backgrounds, the Chiundu local leadership and citizens, the headman who is a progressive traditional leader and solidarity from Young Voters Platform (YVP), Poverty Liberation Movement (PLM) and Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ).

WESE Director Kundai Sabrina Chambara spoke to the deep issues affecting women not just in Chiundu but in Zimbabwe such as lack of equal opportunities based along gender or social lines, lack of access to economic resourcesand a defective social structure that places women through default and nature to the periphery of society.The WESE Director highlighted pertinent issues that were echoed by the board Chairperson Dianna Kuvheya who called women to action by rejecting traditional stereotypes that regarded them as the lesser gender, the call to action was punctuated with focus on problem solving through community sustaining projects by using local resources as a starting point of escaping hunger and poverty.

The WESE members who attended spoke to how they have a deep desire to remove the shackles of economic and social exploitation and their belief that WESE is the right platform for them to be able to achieve that desire. WESE set up a local structure in Chiundu were new members were excited and raring to go to be part of the struggle and this was also made sweet by the headman who pledged to assist in identifying land that can be used for local community sustaining projects.

WESE is on a national enlightenment and recruitment drive throughout Zimbabwe and the response has been overwhelming, the goal of the organization is very clear and WESE members are committed to making this a reality.

Source: WESE

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