Crisis Coalition’s Response to Attacks from Senior Govt Officials

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition notes with grave concern, misinformed and self-fulfilling sentiments from senior government officials over the work of the Coalition.

The Coalition’s Coordinating Committee, the Coalition’s highest decision making body outside the Annual General Meeting, held a meeting on Friday, May 7, 2021 and issued a communiqué. The communiqué, among other things, encouraged Zimbabweans to remain vigilant in light of the erosion of democracy as characterized by the ongoing judicial capture, an imperial presidency and a de-facto one party state.

Whilst the Coalition expected a policy response from the state, the “criminalization” of civic work by senior government officers elicits civic education.

The Deputy Chief Secretary Presidential Communications, Mr George Charamba declared war on the Coalition accusing it of pursuing a regime change agenda.

Using his Twitter handle, Charamba said, “Uhuuuu!!! It’s making sense now!!! Ida hondo yacho; taigamuchira!!!!! ICHO!!!!!

Loosely translated, Charamba implied that the State was prepared for a war with the Coalition following resolutions by the Coalition’s Coordinating Committee to defend democracy in Zimbabwe.

The Director of Media Services in the Information Ministry, Rtd Major Dr Anywhere Mutambudzi weighed in, largely pausing two questions:

  • Why the Coalition engages former liberation movements within the Southern African Development Community (SADC)?
  • Who funds the Crisis Coalition?

For the record, the Coalition’s objective is to see a just, democratic and inclusive Zimbabwe whose citizens live happily without political, gender, sex, class, ethnic and or racial prejudice.

The Coalition maintains that there is a deep governance crisis in Zimbabwe, which, unfortunately, has taken a tail-spin towards a full blown one party state since the coup of November 2017.

The default status of the people of Zimbabwe is fear of the state as discussed by former Vice President, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo in 1984, that, “… the people of Zimbabwe live in fear, not of enemies, but their own government”.

Read the full statement here(252KB PDF)

Source: Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

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