ARTUZ Condemns the Continued Victimisation and Persecution of our Members by the Government of Zimbabwe

The continued victimization and persecution of ARTUZ members nationwide has for the past few months been increasing and it seems the action is a well coordinated and targeted plan to derail the realization of a liberated education sector. Four of our members namely Chanda Godfrey (23 April 2021) from Chirumhanzu, Praise Ngirazi (29 April 2021) from Victoria Falls, Bridget Dhliwayo (29 April 2021) from Victoria Falls and Joseph Moyo ( 11 May 2021) from Bulawayo, have been condemned to disciplinary hearings on trumped up charges.

It is a very unfortunate scenario that the state has chosen to go after these members in a fashion reminiscent of colonial approaches, this attack on our members is an attack on the entire Union, teaching and trade unionism has been criminalized and it is very regrettable that our government sees every issue as a nail that requires a hammer. In modern day labor relations this is totally illegal and out of touch with reality, ARTUZ from its formation has been facing such kind of threats and victimization with a number of our members being subjected to having their salaries ceased, kangaroo hearings and on station victimization and persecution.

We call upon the government of Zimbabwe to stop forthwith these kind of unwarranted attacks on peace loving and patriotic teachers whose only crime is to speak out against injustice and point out the reality of incapacitation levels of teachers and the glaring shortcomings in the education sector. ARTUZ remains committed to fighting for true justice, transparency and accountability and demands the government to focus on improving teacher welfare and revitalizing a crippled and comatose education sector.

To the rest of our membership we urge them not to be deterred by such evil machinations from the employer, our mandate and duty remains the same which is to uphold the standards of education, advocate for better working conditions and favorable labor rights that are in line with modern standards and legal framework. Teachers remain incapacitated and further antagonizing them is just not only wrong but a contravention of labor rights.

Source: ARTUZ

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