Youth Forum Zimbabwe Statement on the Occasion of Zimbabwe’s Independence Day

As Youth Forum Zimbabwe (YFZ), we join all fellow Zimbabweans in celebrating Independence day bearing in mind how our liberation from colonial rule came about and in gratitude to all those who sacrificed their lives in one way or the other.

Running under the theme “Together, growing the economy for a prosperous, resilient and inclusive society”, this year’s festivities offer the country a chance to adopt a paradigm shift in the way we run our politics and the economy in order to move in a direction which resonate with the aptly chosen theme.

Young people of the colonial era took up arms and together with the masses delivered our Independence because they worked in unision.

YFZ thus implores government and Zimbabweans at large, to adopt the same modus operandi and do away with the prevailing toxic politics of divisions and labelling that has left the country highly polarised to achieve any meaningful development. We must understand that beyond political affiliations, we are all Zimbabweans.

Our economy is reeling and crying for corruption free servants who can take it forward. YFZ thus urges our government to walk the talk on fighting graft inorder to attain a better economy with opportunities for all especially young people who are the future.

Young people are crying and clamouring for opportunities that can only be borne in a functional economy that is not yoked with corruption, and this can only be achieved if we pull in the same direction as a people.

YFZ is glad that the land audit is finally completed and multiple farm owners are known. We urge the government to walk the talk on prioritising youths when redistributing retaken and resized farms. This must be done regardless of political affiliation but all deserving youths must get a portion of land, the primary reason which led to the war for Independence.

We must defend our hard won democracy and freedom and stop persecuting one another on political grounds for the war was waged that everyone be free to choose their own political affiliation. Human rights abuses reminiscent of the colonial era must never be tolerated in a free Zimbabwe.

We thus urge the government to bring perpetrators of human rights abuses to book towards healing a nation that is in dire need of unity to take us to the goal of achieving a prosperous, resilient and inclusive society which reflect both political and economic Independence.

Source: Youth Forum Zimbabwe

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