Attack at Heal Zimbabwe Offices

Today at 12:47 Heal Zimbabwe was besieged by four unidentified people (2 women and 2 men) who threatened unspecified action and concerted unrelenting brutal action against the organisation for what they termed unpatriotic opposition to the government of Zimbabwe. The attackers were aggressive and threatened to shut down the Office.

Today’s attack came after Taurai Kundishaya visited Heal Zimbabwe Offices the previous day (22-03-21), took pictures and urged Zimbabwe Zimbabweans to converge and protests at the organisation’s gates. On his micro-blog Kundishaya alleged that Heal Zimbabwe was a “home of modern-day slavery, sabotage training, anti-gvt protests planning centre & other illegal activities.”

Heal Zimbabwe sees this as an orchestrated attack meant to frustrate the organization’s peace building and conflict transformation work. Traditionally, attacks on Civil Society Organisations begin with this kind of allegations leading to raids and arbitrary arrests and prosecutions. This desperate attempt to close down the civic space by disrupting the work of goodwill organisations such ours should end.

Heal Zimbabwe will continue to advocate for peaceful cohesive society which promotes tolerance and inclusive prosperity across all tiers of society!

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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