National Youth Day Statement

Youth Forum Zimbabwe (YFZ) joins the rest of the country in celebrating National Youth Day, a special day set aside to recognize the contribution of young people to the political and socio-economic development of our country. The day was proclaimed a holiday in recognition of our late former president’s work in promoting youth empowerment and emancipation but sadly, this day reminds us of his dark days which were characterized by corruption, nepotism and cronyism among other vices. 

As we celebrate this day,  the civic space continues to shrink with the constant arrest, detention and torture of young politicians and activists such as Allan Moyo, Joana Mamombe and Godfrey Kurauone to mention but just a few.

Youth across all political parties remain marginalized in political processes with very few or no youth representatives in councils, legislature and the executive branch of government. 

Unemployment is at an all-time high with the youth being reduced to vendors, with the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbating an already dire situation. The pandemic has laid bare the extensive nature of grand corruption perpetrated by political elites with young people being the most affected demography. 

As we celebrate this day, we are reminded of the dire situation in our education sector with the recent poor Grade 7 results a clear indictment on our government. 

As the country grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, YFZ calls upon government to ensure accountability and transparency in the procurement and the rolling out of Covid-19 vaccines.

As a youth organisation we implore the government to create platforms that promote the participation of young people in politics and socio-economic spheres.

Source: Youth Forum Zimbabwe

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