ARTUZ Celebrates International Human Rights Day

“Education is the key to unlocking other human rights…” (Katarina Tomasevki)

As the world celebrates International Human Rights in the month of December ARTUZ joins the rest of the world in commemorating and honouring the foundations laid over 70 years ago by selfless men and women past and present

It is fundamental to note that whilst the world celebrate this month in the name of human rights there is also cause for concern and worry with respect to countless violations of human rights by despotic nations and even more worrisome is the trend that has been occurring in perceived democratic countries with reflection on how the black lives matter protests were brutally suppressed in the United States of America  with little regard to human rights.

In Zimbabwe the situation has reached boiling point  especially how the regime in Harare has chosen to pay little or no respect to Article 26 of the UDHR. Education is no longer a right in Zimbabwe but a privilege for the elites and the current Covid 19 prevailing situation has further exposed the government’s disrespect of the right to education and in whole the spirit of human rights. The government is virtually forcing teachers and students to operate under unsafe environment and exposing not just teachers and students but the whole nation to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, with latest statistics showing that over 500 students nationwide have contracted the deadly pandemic, these are seeds of destruction that seek to tear the whole fabric of human rights especially with the government incapacitated to deal with this pandemic.

Artuz stands in solidarity with the oppressed people of the world from Zimbabwe to Uganda, from the black minority in America to the Muslim minority in China being forced into concentration camps for their religion.

As we end this painful year, Artuz calls for the people of the world to unite under the UDHR spirit and fight against Injustice in whatever form because an Injustice to one is an Injustice to all.

Source: Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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