Commemoration of 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Based Violence Now Roaring

16 Days of Gender Activism against Gender Based Violence is starting today locally, regionally and globally. As Amalgamated Rural Teachers UNION of Zimbabwe we commemorate the days of Activism officially on the 28th of November in Harare at Hunyani Hills. Female teachers around Zimbabwe gather together sharing experiences and solidarity messages will be pouring.

Comradely, comrades from labour organisations and other progressive forces individually and institutionally were invited to grace the event. Amalgamated Rural Teachers UNION of Zimbabwe strongly condemns the abuse of women physically, emotionally and sexually in the home and at the workplace. The surge of adolescent pregnancies countrywide with underreporting of nearly 500 girls in Manicaland is a thorny issue and cause for concern.The perpetrators of sexual violence who engage in transactional sex with girls below age of consent should be reported and face the full wrath of law.

Gender Based Violence in the workplace is rampant and erodes the dignity and self esteem of women. Sexual derogatory statements either to impress or depress is condoned. In the home fighting is common and the physical assault sometimes results in injuries, wounds, death and suicide. ARTUZ Gender and Social Welfare desk is against all forms of violence violated against women and men. As an organisation we encourage people to harmoniously solve disputes following the ubuntuism aspect and weaving the Zimbabwean moral social fabric.

Source: Amalgamated Teachers Union Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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