Zimbabwe’s Sex Edutainment Tv Show Launches: The Naked Truth Show

The show premieres it’s first episode, “Sex and Addiction”, on the 26th of November 2020 at 7pm CAT streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

The Naked Truth Show is Zimbabwe’s premium show that exercises prominence on Sex Health Education aimed at elucidating taboo conversations about sex, sexuality, and sexual health. As the common saying goes, “Sex is sacred not secret”, hence the Naked TruthShow serves as an interactive and inclusive initiative focused on the provision of comprehensive, accurate and non-judgmental Sexual and Reproductive Health Education to Zimbabweans, targeting LGBTQIA+ persons, the youth, the girl child and the public in general.

The vocalization of issues surrounding the topic of Sex has long been considered explicit and inappropriate in various communities such that Sex has become the subject of secrecy and an unraveled mystery.

The evident lack of Sexual Reproduction Health (SRH) education which is informative, positive, and non-discriminatory leads to children, women and the LGBTQIA+ community being the most vulnerable to HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections, stigma, a lack of sexual agency and liberation. This has clearly contributed to the impediment of development in the Health sector which serves as a vital issue that requires urgent attention hence the production of The Naked Truth Show. The Talk Show carries the enthusiasm to raise awareness on SRH in bid to minimize and eventually eradicate the ignorance around sex, sexuality, and sexual health.

The Talk Show aims at achieving three main objectives, namely, contributing to: Access to comprehensive reproductive health services, improved sexual health of the youth and the girl child challenging sexual stigma, discrimination, attitudes, and laws. The achievement these objectives serves as a catalyst to better and improved Sexual Reproduction Health (SRH) enlightened communities. Bayethe Development Institute Board Members: Sally Ncube – Chairperson, Carmen Mutengo- Secretary, Sikanyisiwe Kanda – Treasurer, Lindsay-Jane Ndlovu, Mehluli Moyo, Hector Mugani, Olga Makoni.

To achieve adequate awareness on Sexual Reproduction Health (SRH), The Naked Truth Show consists of thirteen episodes that fully explore SRH devoid of constraint. The topics to be discussed are as follows, Sex and Addiction, Adventurous Sex, Sex and Consent, Unpacking Sex and Sexuality, Sex and Culture, Sex and Nutrition, Sex and Disability, Reproductive Health, MSM/WSW, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services as an LGBTQAI+, Sex Work, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Referral to SRHR services.  These topics were carefully crafted for viewer enlightenment and engagement, they serve as an eye opener to those eager to dig deeper into SRH.

The show hosts are two incredible media personalities, Jordan Chanetsa is a transgender LGBTQIA+ activist who has dedicated her life to seeing this community reach a position of independence and power. For her acts of activism, she was awarded the Gender Champion in the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence campaign held annually by the Netherlands Embassy and Rebecca Muchenje, a talented ZIFM Stereo radio personality and journalist.

She is BBC correspondent in Zimbabwe for their business show titled ‘In Business Africa’. The show focuses on business related issues in Africa and addresses issues such as economic growth patterns, developmental trends and other business issues in Africa.

The Naked Truth Show is crafted as an inclusive, safe, and easily accessible online program where key populations, young adults and the public can interact and access accurate information on SRH. We look forward to your engagement and views on The Naked Truth Show, a show designed to illuminate and stimulate your intellect.

The Naked Truth Show is produced by Bayethe Development Institute, a Zimbabwean registered Private Voluntary Organization – _PVO 05/19, that empowers marginalized communities with life skills to strengthen their inclusion and participation in all development processes including humanitarian interventions and supported by Amplify Change, an international organization which aims to empower young people, women and men to realize their sexual and reproductive rights.

Source: Bayethe Development Institute

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