Youth Empowerment and Inclusiveness is the way to Go

As the Youth Decide Zimbabwe, we greatly concerned about non-conducive growing poverty in the new millennium, lack of opportunities, limited academic freedoms, unemployment, drug abuse, exorbitant health care, human rights abuse and shrinking civic space has epitomized modern-day Zimbabwe; with young people absorbing the brunt of economic collapse.
We are so worried about interminable upward diffusion by authorities concerning youth empowerment and participation at all cost. The youth are the future determinant of the world, including our country Zimbabwe; therefore the focus on youth transformation is not a choice but a condition.

As a youth-led organization, we are pleading for remarkable steps for institutional establishment that translate to the practical empowerment of young people who now constitutes above 62% of the total population. The participation of youth in Zimbabwe can be traced to the time before independence, young people playing a liberation role. But nowadays due to lack of competencies, entrepreneurial skills and disconnection from societal, political and economic mainstreams, have dismally negated young people from living meaningful and productive lives.

As an organisation, our vision is to create a conducive space wherein young people maximize their potentials in development that affect their lives through enhancing their capabilities and enabling them to affirm control over their circumstances, that will spillover to national development. We advocate for advancement of civil society growth, economic expansion, and innovation throughout the county by strengthening the participation of youth, promoting human rights, facilitating access to justice, and ensuring inclusion of youth in all communities through different formal roots.

The organisation also suggests that youth development should be done through the transformation of the education system to promote innovation, enacting policies that enable youth development, preserving space for collective action and organizing, locating dialogue on the future of work or the decent work and social justice agenda.

As the Youth Decide Zimbabwe, we are working tirelessly on COVID-19 awareness task through educating, informing and interpreting. We also call upon the citizens of Zimbabwe, and institutions to ensue that the conditions and provisions set by WHO and government during this lockdown period are noteworthy. Lets fight to win, lets change our behavior for the foreseeable future!

Source: Youth Decide Zimbabwe


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