Adaption is the Key: Surviving the Harsh Reality of Covid-19

A woman carries a child for nine months goes through unimaginable pain but in that pain she endures and holds on because she knows that after the pain she will be holding a baby in her arms. Night falls, darkness prevails but also the sun comes out and wipes away the darkness. The cycle of life, nature’s way of telling us that eventually pain ends. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Once upon a time we could move around freely. Speaking and breathing freely without trapping our mouths and nose in a mask. Not minding social distance because then it had no effects. We could freely go to work without producing any work permit. Back then we did not see how much of a privilege it was to be in town. They say “you only miss the sun when it starts to snow”. We miss all that.

The Coronavirus has crippled the world at large.The daily routines we considered normal have been drastically changed. Our sources of income have been injured some even shut down. We are troubled as the human race.

Plants of the desert adapt to harsh heat. Plants of the rain forest adapt to the ever wet soil of the rain forest. Another lesson from nature, we need to adapt to the current circumstances. Yes we may be financially unstable, we may be facing health issues and confusion due to the Coronavirus, but we can adapt.

Adaptation may be defined as the ability to suit the current conditions of the society or environment. Walking around the nation, there are people who have started agricultural projects so as to earn a better living during this pandemic. They have all sorts of vegetables and in turn are able to save the little money they have.

Youths, being the energetic generation should look around, see ways of surviving during this deadly this virus. Survival of the fittest is now the rule and the weak will not survive. Unemployed youths be fit, gone are your weak days so make use of your energetic self and find ways of survival. This is just a phase it will come to pass and surely it shall end. As you are in the dark find ways to walk in the dark till you reach the light because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As the Youth Decide Zimbabwe, we urge the youth and the country at large to know that though times are upon and the road ahead is not so smooth. But we are with the rest of the world in trying to eradicate the Coronavirus. Remember to mask up, sanitize, social distance and save a life.

Source: Youth Decide Zimbabwe


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