Update on Ongoing Industrial Action

With reference to the above please fine an update below:

  • Today marks the 48th day since we withdrew our labour.
  • As ZINA, we welcome the appointees to the positions of substantive Minister of Health and Child Care as well as Permanent Secretary for the same Ministry.
  • It is our hope that the two appointees have been briefed on the situation prevailing in the health sector and what has led to the impasse between health workers and their employer.
  • Our reasonable demands are in the public domain. We look forward to being engaged on these on the basis of mutual respect, where our constitutional and labour rights to a fair wage and not to work in unsafe conditions are respected.
  • Further, we look forward to having our demands acknowledged and met. As we have indicated before, we are unable to return back to work until this has been done.
  • Considering the urgency of the situation, we expect an urgent intervention to resolve the impasse.
  • Until the above has been done, we reiterate our position – NO USD, NO WORK! NO PPE, NO WORK!


Source: Zimbabwe Nurses Association

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