31st July Movement

On the 31st of July Zimbabweans of all political affiliations, civic groupings, trade unions, colour and creed, denominations and faiths will converge across the country on designated meeting points to examine their constitutionally enshrined rights to demonstrate. Zimbabwean’s are being urged to speak from their hearts and freely express the issues that have affected their everyday lives. Here we list the key issues.


Corruption in Zimbabwe has become endemic across all sectors including political, private, religious and civil sectors. Zimbabwe government has watched haplessly as corruption continues to destroy every sphere of the economy. The current anti-corruption infrastructure has dismally failed to abate the scourge of corruption. ZACC and the NPA has been complicit in promoting corruption. The law enforcement agents have deliberately targeted small “fish” leaving corrupt politically connected Zanu pf officials to continue national institutes into feeding troughs.

USD For All

The economy has dollarized with all goods indexed in USD but for the nurse, teacher, doctor and all other civil servant’s salaries. People must demand their buying power. The collapsed economy characterized by runaway inflation not matched wages has placed a desperate demand for workers to preserve value of their salaries. Salaries pegged in USD are the immediate panacea to this problem. A government that can afford to buy masks for a whooping USD50; A government that has 60 million USD to spend on unscrupulous businessmen surely has enough USD to give to its hard working civil servants.

Looters Must Go

Covidgate (2020), Command Agriculture (2017) and the Zesa scam involving Samuel Undenge’s criminal abuse of office (2018) are some of the few publicized scandals Mnangagwa government has presided over. A common thread in all these cases is that suspects are public knowledge and most are still in office. Most worrying is that no serious conviction has been made on the few who ever saw a day in court. They were paraded for pictures, spent a few days in remand and released to enjoy their plunder. We demand all those implicated in looting scandals to be expeditiously prosecuted, removed from office and to pay back resources they looted on top of a punitive sentence.

Bad Leadership Must Go

Zimbabwe is blessed with abundant mineral resources, well-educated, hardworking people, fertile soils, ideal weather, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Zimbabwe should be an economic powerhouse and a bread basket of Africa. Bad leadership underpinned by a lack of shared national vision, misgovernance, misplaced priorities and greed has turned the country to a basket case. Bad leadership has permeated across all the institutional crevices of the country, from churches to industry right through to the highest office of the land. Zimbabweans are educated enough to chat the most progressive way forward. Bad leaders need to take their feet off our necks, “We can’t breathe.” We demand all public leaders to immediately step down.

Structure of #31 July

Stakeholders and organisations participating in the demonstration shall remain autonomous and as such shall mobilize their organs accordingly. The convener of the demonstration shall consistently liaise with stakeholders for a unified and concerted effort on the day.

Communication around and about #31July

Stakeholders and organizations participating in the demonstrations are advised to issue solidarity messages which capture issues resonating with their key constituencies across radio, television, print, and social media platforms.

COVID-19 Protection

It is the intention of the convener to comply with all Covid-19 Lockdown regulations. To that end, social distancing shall be observed, people shall at all times be wearing masks, marshals shall be wearing identifiable bibs and shall be having hand sanitizers each to sanitize people at regular intervals. All entry points shall be manned by marshals who over and above sanitizing people’s hands, shall wash them with warm water and soap.

Source: Jacob Ngarivhume – 31st July Movement Convener

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