Masvingo Lockdown Monitoring Report 16 June 2020

Contextual Assessment

Hundreds of people were queuing for mealie-meal in Victoria Ranch at Makanaka School. During this lockdown period many people are failing to access basic commodities due to high exorbitant prices. Prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing each day, which leaves many citizens struggling to make a living. In addition, in Masvingo town several people were queuing for sugar, which was being delivered at OK supermarket, N. Richards Croco Motors and City Carry and Carry. 10 kg mealie-meal was costing $230 and 2kg sugar $147. On the public hearings underway many citizens did not want the amendments of the constitution, in Mberengwa it is being reported that one participant supported the issue of running mates.


Today 16 June 2020, 4 cases tested positive for Covid-19 one case was recorded in Masvingo. These are all returnees from South Africa. Today 349 RDT screening tests and 251 PCR diagnostic tests were done. The cumulative number of tests done to date is 59 794 (34 930 RDT and 24 864PCR). Masvingo province has 50 confirmed cases with 8 recoveries recorded in Harare province. To date the total number of confirmed cases is 391, 62 recoveries, active cases 325 and 4 deaths since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

MACRAD team also conducted a focus group discussion with its Peace club members in Chivi district sanitizing them on the government’s proposed constitution amendment bill number 2. The legal expert simplifies and explains all the amendments to the participants. Some of the participants were arguing why the government is holding such an important hearing when the nation is in the midst of this pandemic. MACRAD encouraged groups and individuals from across different political backgrounds to voice their opinions on the bill by submitting letters and petitions to parliament and attending the coming parliamentary public hearings, tomorrow there will be in Masvingo Province, Chivi Rural District and 18 June in Masvingo urban.

Councilor Kurauone of ward 4 in Masvingo Urban who distributes food hampers and chicken-inn for lunch yesterday to disadvantaged families today reported that he was visited by state security. The councilor alluded that the security intelligence officer named Gumbo intimidated and accused Kurauone for going against the president’s plea for the call for national prayer and fasting day which was sabotaged by many citizens.

Source: Masvingo Centre for Research and Community Development

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