Tippy Taps Key in the Fight Against Covid-19

Regular washing of hands is a universally proven method of combating the spread of Covid-19. Rural communities have come up with effective ways of combating the spread of the novel Coronavirus through the effective use of Tippy Taps. A Tippy Tap is a hands-free device for handwashing that is especially designed for rural areas where there is no running water. A 5-litre container with a small hole near the cap is filled with water and soap solution. It is tipped with a stick and rope tied through a hole in the cap. The device is very hygienic as it reduces surface contact.

While regular washing of hands with running water is widely recommended, some communities have limited access to water and do not have running water, hence the importance of having Tippy Taps.

Tippy Taps have become a common feature in most rural households. They are strategically placed at the entrance of every homestead to enable the convenient washing of hands by visitors.

This technology, commonly used for sanitation and hygiene in toilets, has been adopted as an effective tool in combating the community spread of Covid-19.

Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action Teams in rural Matabeleland have commended Village Health Workers for working tirelessly to ensure that households install Tippy Taps in their homesteads.

Source: Habukkuk Trust

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