Youth Decide Zimbabwe Joins the Country in Commemorating and Celebrating Africa Day to Promote Peace and Harmony

Africa Day should not only be a day to celebrate our diversity in the form of diplomatic functions and academic workshops but it should also be a day when we assess our future as a country and to reflect on ways to create development-oriented governance systems.

Its origins can be traced back to May 25, 1963 — when the first Conference of Independent African States brought the fathers of Africa’s liberation movements together and over the last ten years, it has offered a strategic basis for focusing and prioritizing investments in people in general and the youth in particular, in order to achieve sustainable development, inclusive economic growth, and to build “an integrated, prosperous and a peaceful Zimbabwe”, which is driven by its own citizens.

Zimbabwe is on the march towards a more prosperous future in which all its citizens, young, old, male, female, rural, urban, of all creeds and backgrounds are empowered to realize their full potential, live with satisfaction and pride about their country. A future with healthy, well educated people living in robust and developed economies as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals with vision 2030.

Therefore as the Youth Decide Zimbabwe, our vision is to authenticate a Zimbabwe wherein young people maximise their potentials in development that affect their lives through enhancing their capabilities and enabling them to affirm control over their life circumstances.

Knowing that Zimbabwe was once Africa’s breadbasket, as the youth we have to work hard for dignity restoration and consistence.

These issues are mainly discussed on Africa Day because it is believed to be the day where people from different tribes mingles despite their difference in order to have peace and harmony and to share concerns on how youths can empower themselves and participate actively in socioeconomic and political agendas in order to develop a strong and a vibrant generation wherein young people will be diligent, recognized and represented in every dimension and aspects of life.

Therefore as the Youth Decide Zimbabwe, we commemorate and join the country and Africa at large in celebrating Africa Day with the theme, “Youth Transformation, Empowerment Through Participation and Inclusiveness.”

Source: Youth Decide Zimbabwe

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