Mining lifespan for ZCDC cut by 50% as government dispossess lucrative concession to Anjin

Government recently ordered ZCDC to free Portal B to the military backed Anjin Diamond Company in Marange. CRD is informed that ZCDC had completed exploration on the diamond rich concession before it was seized to Anjin together with all the geological information. The company is now left with Portal A where they are currently mining. The decision by government to strip a national asset to Anjin is only meant to sustain grand theft of Marange diamonds. Since Anjin mining operations are not accountable to ZCDC, it is difficult to know where their diamonds are going ever since they started mining in February 2020. Anjin also refused to surrender their original concession, Portal C to ZCDC, despite their claim that the concession was no longer economically viable to mine. Anjin is notorious for worst human rights practices that uprooted livelihoods in Marange. Anjin is also fingered in millions of potential revenue loss to treasury through underhand dealings such as smuggling of diamonds, concealment of beneficial shareholding, transfer pricing and tax evasion in its previous mining operations in Marange. The ZCDC board resigned a few days ago. The unilateral decision by government to award mining rights to Anjin is mentioned as one of the reasons that triggered the board to resign.

Source: Center for Research and Development Zimbabwe

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