Covid-19 Update 21 April by National Community Broadcasting Forum (NCBF)

These updates are based on the realities on the ground as captured by the Forum network across Zimbabwe. COVID 19 is real and let’s follow all the professional advice and information as guided by the government of Zimbabwe.

Mazowe Central
In wards 7, 8 and 10, some villagers received food aid from Christian Care in the form of rice, cooking oil and others. People were maintaining social distance of 1 metre in queues. Christian Care educated villagers on prevention methods, spreading, dangers of Covid-19. During the evening over the weekend in ward 10 at Kakora Shopping Centre people who were gathering in large numbers drinking beer, loitering were beaten by police and forced to disperse.

Ntobe Business Center had very few people moving around as there was heavy presence of the armed forces around forcing people to be in their homes. Citizens seems not well informed and think the move by the government is not wise. Lack of access to information or media is a matter of concern. Makorokoza in this area are only worried about getting money and care less about Covid-19.

Makoni North
People movement is being noticed mainly at the shops. Police arrested two last week who were drinking beer at a local beer hall and fined them 500 RTGS. Prices of basic commodities: Cooking oil from 100 RTGS to 180 RTGS cash only. Shops opening from 9am to 3pm but most of them are exceeding to late hrs selling through the windows.

There was food distribution of rice, cooking oil and beans by ADRA in Ward 12 some 2 weeks ago. Yesterday Social Welfare distributed maize. Some villagers were complaining of uneven distribution by village heads. Social distancing was maintained in these 2 occasions.

Musikavanhu constituency
Shops running from 9am to 3pm. Vendors operating door to door selling vegetables and tomatoes. Few people who were caught drinking beer at public places were beaten by soldiers at Rimbi and Mbeure. Most of the people in different communities are complaining about the skyrocketing prices of basics like flour 12.5 kg was 150 rand now 200 rand, 10 kg mealie meal was 120 bond to 200, cooking oil 70 bond to 140 and Ecocash is unaccepted.

Zvimba East
The Islamic Church distributed food hampers over the weekend to all residents of Ward 24 at Lumander Farm. The hampers had 10 kg rice, 10 kg mealie meal, 2.5 kg beans, 2L cooking oil and 2 bath soaps. The distribution had to be delivered household by household without people gathering. Those distributing had protective gear.

Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe
At Maramba and other business centres, they are observing business operating times 0900-1500hrs and prices are exorbitantly high. Police mounting roadblocks every day.

Gutu South Constituency
Business operating from 9am to 3pm. Bottle store owners serve clients through the windows before or after the stipulated times. Prices of basic commodities have exorbitantly gone up. Police officers are not very visible. Some health officers are moving around teaching people about social distancing and washing their hands.

Chirumhanzu Zibagwe
At Mvuma all shops are closed with only Spar located 4 kms away from the location at Chicken Inn along Harare-Masvingo highway is the only shop operating from 9am to 12noon. Police are patrolling and those caught loitering are fined 500 RTGS.

Chipinge Town
Only a few big supermarkets are open like TM, OK, NRichard’s and Gain. Police visibility is there in the streets. Conrad Service Station a bit crowded as people waited for fuel but social distancing being observed. NGOs like GOAL are distributing food in local communities with the help of Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs) and police officers.

Filabusi Center
At China Shop there was confusion with queues being disrupted by the shop staff. They were giving several announcements calling on people with cash over and over sidelining people with Ecocash and swipe. Local authorities and Ministers visited Pangani on their convoys with poor or no communication with the public.

Shops are being opened 0800hrs to 1200hrs so that people will be able to buy their basics. Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs) educate people about the pandemic. They have also put some posters in public areas as a method of educating people. The police officers are moving around to monitor social distancing and also monitoring the time of closing shops and other business. World Vision Zimbabwe, Lower Guruve Development Association and Christian Care are providing groceries to some wards. The remaining wards are receiving white maize from Social Welfare.

Guruve North
In Guruve cente shops open at 8 and strictly close at 12. Soldiers and police are moving around and people dispersing to their homes. People are responding positively to the call of the dictates of Lockdown. It’s confirmed that the area has not received any test kits.

Source: National Community Broadcasting Forum (NCBF)

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