Lockdown Bright Spots

We asked our members what’s been lifting them up whilst they’ve been locked down. Here is what they had to say . . .

  • It has been a beautiful time with family, spending time with my wife and children. Despite the pandemic fears, the lockdown has really helped us bond. I’ve also had time to do some gardening. My vegetable garden had been neglected as I would come home close to midnight regularly. So, I collected some manure from my dad’s plot, and got to work. It’s been three weeks and my backyard is taking shape!
  • Humour has been my oil. We watch comedies and we are comedians in our house. Prayer simply trusting as the days go by. And prosocial behavior – teaching out to others and helping them is satisfying. – Florence
  • Have been doing gardening, eating fresh salads with my 4 boys on the occasion of Independence we developed a makeshift drip irrigation for our flowering green peppers.
  • I have decided to continue on the lockdown even when the rest of the country doesn’t. So to keep myself busy I have decided to take up asceticism, just for personal growth and first stage is the vow of silence to give myself a chance to grow by allowing self introspection, mindful actions, controlled speech and peace of mind. This approach has a Buddhist origin but I think the 4 stages cut across all religions. Seems easy but I know it’s going to be a hurdle. 1. Mark a time and just stop talking (just be with yourself). 2. Observe your thoughts (control the anger and emotional irritation). 3. Develop inner silence (meditate) 4. Give yourself a chance to grow. Wish me luck on my adventure. – Rue
  • Ini hangu ndairarama neku hires PA system so iko zvino hakuchina kana ano hire nekuda kwe lockdown. Ndaimboshanda sa nurse assistant asi basa rakapera ndane 3 years ndisingashande. Ini nemukadzi wangu taimboita zvekutengesa mu town. Iko zvino takutengesa airtime ku Mbare kuvarimi, asi still hapana chirikubuda. KuMbare hakusi kutenderwa vanotengesa vacho, tinoroja ku Stoneridge, tinofamba ne tsoka kuseni kwega kwega kuenda kumbare kutsvaga mari yekuti tidye uye tibhadhare rent. Isu tinoroja 15dollars US pa mwedzi, zvino nekuda kwe lockdown iyi tatambura hatichaziva pekutangira kana pekubata apa mwedzi ukupera tashaya kuti todii. 3 weeks dzapfura idzi, taigofamba ne tsoka kubva ku Stoneridge kuenda ku Mbare kunotengesa airtime hupenyu hwacho hwakatooma. Tatoshaya kuti todii.
  • This information from Gateway Zimbabwe has been a bright spot in that I don’t feel helpless in this struggle. I can boost my immune system and increase my chances of recovery if I do catch the virus and improve my overall health and well-being. I have zumbani growing pretty much on its own in my back yard and had no idea it had anti-viral properties. I planted mint and thyme which flourishes with very little fuss. These other prescriptions like leafy greens and sour maize meal are relatively available. Strengthening my immune system is in my power. Looking forward to reading about other bright spots – Michar
  • I am missing the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe drumbeats and horn blowing, the singing, loud prayers and preaching. Members of this church in Kuwadzana Extension are prayerful. They worship God every morning around 5am and in the evening without ceasing, but lockdown has robbed my ears of these routine sounds, confessions, praise and worship. The building looks deserted and is just a building without the prayers it used to share with us, the neighbours.
  • Lockdown wasn’t all that easy for me as my income is mainly from the daily hustles that we do, hence with lockdown it was such an uphiĺl. I discovered some new hobbies though which I believe I had but had no time to improve on them; I bought books way back to 2006 which I packed on the book shelf. I read most of these books during these 21 days I have been home. I had time to improve my spiritual self as well by reading the Bible and meditating on the word. On the family side we had many chores that we had time to do together like baking and cooking. Finally I don’t like buying veggies from the market, I believe their nutritional value would have depreciated due to soaking in water by these vendors so I believe in doing my own gardening and buy only a few that I cannot plant. I used this time to prepare a small garden and planted green veggies (tsunga and covo), spring onions, beans, amaranth, okra and pumpkin plants and I tried nyeve / rudhe as well which is a traditional green. That’s a summary of what I did during the 21 days of covid-19 lockdown. – Lorna
  • To keep busy and safe I revived 2 hobbies I hardly had time for… The first one was rekindled by the #Seedco21daysgardenchallenge and I started growing my own vegetables. Have planted tomatoes, lettuce, sugarloaf, onions, rape, kale and sweet corn. Have already started saving money and am definitely eating food I know has been farmed safely. Second, I started sewing with my daughter (11). We are renovating our old clothes with an Ankara twist. – Hilda
  • The lockdown has been a great time for me. My mind is refreshed. Mainly because I have been doing personal development. I learnt a lot about myself and now I have better daily habits than before. I also had an opportunity to come up with more ideas to implement in the marketplace as soon as the lockdown is over. I’m so grateful to God for this wonderful time I’m having. I am a drummer and a marketing strategist (basically work with companies to increase their sales by solving customer related problems e.g. attraction, conversion and retention of customers) by the way.
  • This is my lock down story its kinda like a triumphant story. On the day before lockdown the Monday ummm date was 31st March,2020. I just woke up and deceided after smoking for 38 years to quit. I did this in support of all cancer sufferers and to support all those people around the world infected by corona virus. And also my contribution to a cleaner environment. Well it was an insane journey I suffered I cried, I sweated the withdrawals were horrific. But today I can smile and say I’m officially a non smoker. Being under lockdown also helped me with the resistance to fight the urge to go out and get cigarettes. I hope this will inspire others out there giving up something you love or support in honour of those people out there who are sick, infected. There’s no joy warm feeling inside that I can describe how I feel now I’m almost at one month. To all smokers once you pass day 14 the cravings have gone. Glory to God. Prayer helped me on this journey. It wasn’t easy but yessssss I did it. – Lily
  • Well to be honest this has been the most different 3 weeks of my entire life… mixed emotions… tears.. not knowing what the future holds… and just being afraid to say the least. In the midst of all the turmoils and panic attacks, one thing has kept me going: Hope. It this hope that has kept my faith alive. Hope that I will make it, hope that I will be stronger when I finally emerge out this dark tunnel. It this hope that has made me want to look forward to another day when I felt empty. This hope jump started my faith and told me to carry on coz my Redeemer still reigns and He has a way of showing Himself when all seems lost. God gave me songs during these past three weeks, songs that I know came right from the throne of God to soothe my aching soul, and that I believe when the right time comes God will allow me to share with the rest of the world. A time when our tears are going to be replaced by laughter and gratefulness. After this storm has passed. Just knowing that I have God in my life has helped me to keep my negative energy splitting all over the things I hold dear to me. God is alive people. I always tell God, God I don’t understand most of the things I see around me. I don’t even understand whats going on now. But what I know is I love you. And I trust you will love me back. God is wiser than anyone, wiser than the virus itself. Nothing in this world can contain His wisdom. I choose to live knowing one day He will make a way. Wake up with a smile, not because you are faking it but because you know there is light at the end of every tunnel. Cry, but don’t lose hope. Thank God for the small but significant things – The fact that you are still breathing, the sun to keep you warm, His ability to provide a solution. god will make a way. He will. – Nyaradzo
  • Being a mother all the stuff mothers do: cooking, cleaning, washing and more cooking. – Nothando
  • Food security in my neighbourhood is scarce but with a passion to risk for humanity I am delivering veggies – onions, tomatoes, peppers from my gardening project # GlenlorneSurvive – Anesu
  • Prayer and my kids – Gertrude
  • Harvesting maize and beans – Estery
  • My family – Chenge
  • Feeding those in need in Epworth – Logic
  • Poultry keeping – Stephen
  • God – Chikosa
  • Counselling the stressed online to calm their mindsets – Charmaine
  • Getting some extra time to rest, soak up the sun, read and cook. – Emma
  • Im busy with Online Marketing business everyday and making money (Euros). – Vengai
  • Busy praying and fasting, as we are in the 21days of quarantine. In the Bible 21 days of awakening or perfection, encouraged Christians to grab the radical faith and the Elijah revolution. Prayer is a powerful tool. Our God is able. – Ahava
  • I engaged in a neighborhood Prayer Group led by women. And I had the fowl run repaired & creating space for garden. Truly, had it not been Covid-19 this task was not going to be done anytime soon. – Israel
  • My son – Patie
  • Watching television with my family and gardening. Enjoying watching cartoons with my daughter. – Thomas
  • LM Radio – Sally
  • Hope and faith is keeping us going. We have succumbed to other deadly pandemics like hunger we as Africans & I have visualised this pandemic like a video game & it’s a stage I will surpass. – Bryton
  • Doing gardening, playing games, praying with my family. – Kennedy
  • Harvesting – Zedias
  • Reading the Bible daily has kept me going. – Kudzai
  • Routine and online dance classes! – Jessica
  • I developed some gardening skills. – Gerald
  • I’ve spent a bit more time in the kitchen preparing meals and snacks from YouTube recipes. – Hilton
  • Morning prayers, afternoon and evening asking for God’s mercy – Sthu
  • Reading and improving my writing as well as analysis skills. Plus gardening. – Gondai
  • Music. I get my keyboard and play along learning how to play their music and the music has been inspiring hope for tomorrow in me. – Frank
  • Very fruitful time. Recently learned to play pool, and I am becoming an addict, the game is addictive. Everyday I play a game or 2. Have revamped my garden. Have reactivated my physical body trainings. Above all been enjoying working from home for the benefit of my organisation. And lastly, have created a new bonding with the kids. We train together and its fun. – Clive
  • What I have come to appriciate is, The Garden of Eden was Supa. – Marere
  • Just been sewing my winter jackets and quarantine overall for the medical staff
  • Well I am a Security Supervisor an essential service provider I am washing hands with sanitizer every contract that I visit almost 20 times a day and that’s keeping me going and safe. I don’t stay locked in, I move around but obey rules sanitize and also keep social distancing.
  • Have taken this chance to catch up on my office work on the laptop. Filing and preparing for the first week after lock down. I have had time to renew faded relationships but hooking up on WhatsApp – Hinges
  • Staying indoors, washing hands with some disinfectants and drinking warm water with lemon juice everyday.
  • Watching movies
  • Reading novels
  • Hie. During this lockdown I do my school work that is assignments and projects. Also I watched movies.
  • Prayer and reading the word of God kept me going without fear, as well as hygiene precautionary factors.
  • Great time for bonding as a family, spending time together, investing your time to family for a change which is usually difficult due to work commitments.
  • It was very good, because we spent more time with family praying, reading the word of God and planning together. Though in some areas people are complaining because of food shortages. So as far as lockdown is concerned there is need for government to act especially providing food for the people in needy.
  • It’s amazing how a few pictures can bring back so many memories.
  • At all times and in all places, in all sorrows and in all afflictions, when the outlook seems dark and the future perplexing, and we feel helpless and alone, the Comforter will be sent in answer to the prayer of faith. Circumstances may separate us from every earthly friend; but no circumstance, no distance, can separate us from the heavenly Comforter. Wherever we are, wherever we may go, He is always at our right hand to support, sustain, uphold, and cheer. – DA ENC
  • Euphoria: spending much of my time in the jungle eating, indiginous fruits like makunguzhuru and magwavha, watching monkeys playing hence minimizing chances of mixing with other people, curbing risk of spreading the virus. Home is best, find something to do, rather than making unnecessary movements. Stay home, stay safe. Fara nezviri kumba kwako.
  • When we went under lockdown as a nation, I thought Coronavirus was coming as doom and that we were not going to survive it. However, day by day I have been seeing the goodness of the Lord manifesting in my life, my loved one’s and my Zimbabwe. I have learnt that it is the love of God which has kept us going despite the fact that corona pandemic is spreading continuously in other countries. So I say to you do not lose hope in the Lord amidst all he knows us and cannot give us what we cannot bear. The word of God is my and your daily provision.
  • Reading books, managed to read and finish 6 books; something I wouldn’t have done in normal circumstances.
  • “I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them.” John Stuart Mill
  • The lockdown has inspired me to do thingz that I always luv but ddnt have time for … it made me realize my passions and my real purpose of existence … in this view it’s quite a blessing in disguise
  • I have been able to consistently share meals, pray and spend time with my family more than I have been able to for many years. – Kudzai
  • Prayer mountain, seeking the voice of God. – Constantine
  • My three boys have been keeping me busy and sane.
  • I was indoors not moving.
  • Well, during the past three weeks was filled up with lot of things, was reading and writing small short stories, learning language (Ndebele), watching movies, so yeah during the past three was really a progressive because was adding something value to myself!
  • Homebound all the times
  • The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose. Dont lock down your mind rather practise social distancing than mental distancing.
  • The lockdown is boring so much. Imagine spending dayz, weeks without getting in town, getting services which you want. But to some extent it’s amazing because I got to learn new thingz.
  • Working out has helped me keep sane during this lockdown. After working out I would write my ZOU assignments now that I am done with assignments I am not sure wether to prepare for my May 11-15 exams or not.
  • Exercising daily
  • lockdown was hectic, the worst days my life
  • Well I have been writing a movie script and am now on episode 6 of a 13 episode series. Unfortunately I can’t even go to the barber so I have grown beard and hair making me look older than 49.
  • Physical fitness has been a routine. I believe fitness defines a healthy body against Covid.
  • Lockdown showed me my life after retirement in advance. Will start to do some savings now for future #lockdown
  • Since the lockdown started myself & my cousin volunteered to go help out at a farm just outside Harare, to keep ourselves busy. – Kambani
  • Reading has kept me going….and praying too
  • Roasting nuts
  • Been busy doing free online courses.
  • The idea that I have to see a new zimbabwe come 2023 has kept me going – Talkmore
  • Reset Reflect Restart Reboot – Trev
  • My kids, just getting to know them even more. Planning my life. Getting soaked in the Word, just knowing that God’s got me and He’s got the whole world in His hands, it keeps me going cos I know the time will come when all this will be over.
  • Was busy harvesting my maize on the lockdown.
  • Reading my bible and harvesting my backyard field.
  • Knowing that life always has its own challenges and not every day is perfectly according to one’s wish, I have been trying to keep myself busy through wide reading and online platform participation. I managed to read a lot of conscious books and headlines from society, politics and economy. I have been following my passion, had a lot of free time and space, and was really inspired. I managed to acquire knowledge in different aspects and that moulded my perception for the betterment of myself and immediate society. It’s been an exhilarating experience though with its own challenge of limited freedoms and outgoing. Life offered me a necessary break to re-energize, thus looking toward a resumption in good spirits. Reinvigorated. It’s like being offered a second chance to rethink and modernise! – Talent
  • I have been reading books all kinds of genre, even joined a book club that reads African authors books and lately it has kept me sane. Also catching up on series.
  • Since am all alone husband lockedown back home there in Zim I saw myself reading a novel and it actually inspired me to write one myself so am on page +70 so far, it’s really keeping me busy hey.
  • Exercise has been my bright spot.
  • My wife.
  • Gardening
  • Took time off and travelled away from the capital and feel the freshness and serenity away from the congestion and pressure of. Detoxing in the Eastern Highlands has been such a timely experience. I’ve enjoyed every moment introspecting and reflecting on life and what matters most. – Craig
  • Have been going to work three days in the health sector, but at home have been with my children, we did gardening, cleaning the house and we always have sermons and pray, and in this lock down have realised how mature my kids are, and we have developed a bond, same interest and have extended our indigenous fowl run learning to make indigenous poultry feeds from weeds, grass, and maize cobs, To God be the Glory. – Tariro
  • God is indeed faithful. It’s a holiday of its own kind. A surprise holiday. Exercising with family, cooking, cleaning and gardening. – Annah
  • Jogging in the morning and gardening. – Collet
  • Doing gardening and praying for my wife and my kids. – Emmanuel

Source: Kubatana members

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