Bubi Artisanal Miner Hacked by Gold Machete Gang

In another bizarre incident of artisanal gold mining wars, villagers in Bubi Ward 19 were left shell shocked, yesterday (16 April 2020) when a local young artisanal miner was viciously attacked by a machete and axe wielding rival gang in broad daylight.

The gang of four which is alleged to have been comprising of military and police details, is alleged to have followed the victim from a gold rush in neighboring Ward 12 where they are said to have had a misunderstanding with local miners. An eye witness of the horrific incident (name withheld for security reasons) said when locals contacted the police they indicated that they do not have transport to come to attend the incidence. The eye witness also explained that the gang hacked the boy (in his mid-30s) all over the body and there are very slim chances he may survive.

It is further alleged that the machete gang was also openly identifying names of some local miners to be attacked later.

One of the gang members is said to have entered a shop and forcibly took some bread to eat leading to the shop keepers calling the owner. The owner came and managed to apprehend the gang member and handed him to the police.

The victim was taken to the local clinic where he was promptly referred to Inyathi District Hospital due to the severity of the injuries suffered during the attack.

Artisanal mining conflicts and community benefit from local natural resources is one of the key advocacy issues that Habakkuk Trust is advocating on. Recently the organization has been holding dialogue meetings to find policy interventions to ameliorate the situation.

Source: Habakkuk Trust

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