Lockdown Day 14 Update

Heal Zimbabwe’s Early Warning and Early Response Situation Room is monitoring how communities are reacting to the national lockdown which was announced by the President on the 27th of March, 2020. Below are some of the reactions recorded today, the 12th of April 2020:


Community members in Nyanga South ward 18, Magarati village are complying with the lockdown by staying at home.

Police today dispersed people who were roaming around Magarapi shops. There was also a funeral in Dirorimwe village, ward 2. People were encouraged not to shake hands. Village heads also made sure that people were not gathering in big groups.


Community members in Sakubva suburb stayed at home. Police were deployed around 09:00hours to 18:00hours to enforce the lockdown and encouraged people to stay at home. All shops were open from 9am to 3pm.


Community members in Mutasa North Ward 31 stayed at home. All shops were open from 08:00hours to 14:00hours. All bars were closed.


Community members in Buhera West Ward 5 Manjengwa village stayed at home. All shops were open from 10:00hours to 17:00hours. All beer halls were closed.


It was business as usual for Chipinge South ward 10 community members. Police Officers were deployed around 09:00hours to 18:00hours to help enforce the lockdown. Two bars namely Musomekwa and Zimunya were open from around 13:00hours to 18:00hours. Several community members were spotted drinking beer and not observing social distancing.


Community members in Chimanimani Ward 7 stayed at home. All shops were open from 09:00hours to 13hours. Police were deployed around 15:00hours to 18:30hours to enforce the lockdown.


Community members in Makoni West Ward 16 Nyamugundura village stayed at home. All shops were closed. However, alcohol continues to be sold behind beer halls.


Utano Clinic in Ward 10 was forced to close at around 10am after police officers fired tear smoke at a fruits and vegetables market close to Sagonda hospital. The smoke affected nurses since Utano Clinic is just next to Sagonda hospital. Police also fired tear smoke into the Clinic forcing patients and nurses to vacate the clinic.

Yesterday, a group of soldiers and police officers violently dispersed community members who were seen moving around Norton. They were spotted assaulting and harassing people in Ward 10 at around 0700 hours.


Community members are still roaming around as usual, searching for water, mealie-meal and generating incomes for their families. Community members swarm around community boreholes from as early as 0100 hours and in most cases, they will be more than 50 people. There are no sanitizers at most community boreholes in Chitungwiza.

Today a team of soldiers and police officers assaulted vendors who were gathered at Jambanja market place.. They also confiscated some of the wares that the vendors had displayed.



Community members who were gathered at Chizhanje business centre were violently dispersed by a group of police officers at around 1700 hours. Pressure on local community boreholes has decreased since the local authority is now delivering potable water using trucks. However, community members do not observe social distancing when fetching water from the trucks. These trucks usually deliver water at around 10 am.



Yesterday, a group of soldiers assaulted community members who were seen moving around Tshovani. This took place at around 1700 hours in Ward 3 and 4.


In Wards 32, 9, 15 people are complying but they are now running out of food stocks. Community members who spoke to resident Heal Zimbabwe trained human rights monitors highlighted that they no longer have food in their homes and the prices for basic commodities are going up every day.

In ward 22 and 12 people are complying with the lockdown. Police Officers are also moving around enforcing the lockdown. Community members found violating lockdown regulations are fined.


In Ward 5 people are complying and today they attended a funeral. The local health technician was present making sure people maintain social distancing and other hygienic measures.

In ward 31 people stayed in their homes but highlighted that the cost of basic goods such as sugar have gone up sharply. A 2kg of sugar now costs ZW$120 around ZW$45.


In Ward 19 community members are complying with the lockdown regulations. Several community members have highlighted that they have run out of food and have appealed to the local government structures to intervene.


In Ward 25 it is still business as usual. Today several community members attended a collaborative neutral platform (Nhimbe/ilima).

Mashonaland East


Community members from around Mutoko Centre spent the whole day queuing for cheaper mealie-meal at TM supermarket. Over 200 community members were in the queue at around 1300 hours, without observing social distancing.



Police from Mvuma ZRP violently dispersed approximately 60 community members who were partying at Nyamafufu Dam. The police further clamped close to 15 cars that the partying community members were using. Today, some of the motorists were instructed to collect their cars from Mvuma Police Station after receiving further beating as part of the punishment.

Mashonaland West


In ward 12, people are staying at home. Most shops are opening around midday. Community members are observing social distancing.

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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