Why covid19 why?

Viruses teaming up together are called covid19.
They cause dizziness, sneezing, coughing and are flu in nature.
Their attack on mankind causes great suffering.
They are the first viruses to close down the entire universe.
They can spread easily just like the common flu.
Why covid19 why?

Scientists with their zeal and zest like that of the world’s missionaries, runs short of ideas.
Governments with their fully packed armouries, cannot stop it through the barrels of the guns.
Not at all, their nuclear weapons can bring it to ashes.
Billionaires with their riches cannot extort it for wealthy.
Religious groups with their spiritual inclinations cannot stop it from killings.
Witches and sorcerers with their black magic cannot bewitch it for them to survive.
Why Covid19 why?

Whilst it affects all irregardless of gender, position, race or tribe, to date it has no cure.
Whilst its impact have already been felt, its cure remains unknown.
Whilst it can be prevented from spreading, its death toll remains ever increasing.
Whist it shares the same signs and symptoms with the common flu, its human mass slaughter is first of its kind.
Why Covid19 why?

As per the WHO’s precautionary measures let us all avoid social conduct.
Always wash our hands with soap and running water.
Make use of sanitisers.
Put on face masks and gloves where necessary.
Exercise self isolation where necessary.
Stay indoors when it is needless to go outside.
But i still need to ask,
Why Covid19 why?
Why is this disease, so ruthless?

Source: R. Chiwaz Jnr.

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