Lockdown welcome: Exercise restraint, respect human rights and all this shall come to pass

Tutuma Zimbabwe welcomes and applauds the government of Zimbabwe for heeding the call to lockdown in the face of the fast spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

We note the Statutory Instruments and all the measures contained therein. We strongly encourage citizens and stakeholders to fully support the measures. In that regard, we applaud companies, organisations and institutions that had closed or partially closed in order to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

Tutuma Zimbabwe would like to take this opportunity to remind all the security and health personnel who will be on duty during the lockdown to also practise restraint and ensure they use all the reasonable measures to ensure citizens comply with the lockdown. A human rights centric approach will be key during this lockdown. We encourage citizens to exercise social distancing even while at home to minimise spread.

We further urge the government and the line ministries dealing with vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the sick, children among others to swiftly ensure access of basic commodities by these groups is not compromised.

Fighting Covid-19 is a collective responsibility. If we all do our part we will surely overcome with limited danger to life.

Social distance is love.

Source: Tutuma Zimbabwe

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