Lockdown Day 3 Update

Heal Zimbabwe’s Early Warning and Early Response Situation Room is monitoring how communities are reacting to the national lockdown which was announced by the President on the 27th of March, 2020. Below are some of the reactions recorded today, the 1st of April 2020:

Chivi South – It is still business as usual for community members in Matayaya Village, in Ward 25 since day one of the lockdown. At around 1600 hours, group young person was spotted drinking beer in groups at Sithole business centre. All shops at this business centre were open. They also hiked the price of their goods. A 2 kg of sugar which used to be R25.00 was being charged at R50.00. The owners are taking advantage of the fact that most shops at Ngundu business centre are closed, and are being monitored by the police.

Masvingo – Riot police still moving around suburbs beating up people who are caught roaming around. At around 0900 hours, a group of police officers attacked people at Mupfura, close to Pangoline shops in Ward 5. They were also roving around Majange and in the CBD. Community members from Ward 33 took heed of the importance of staying in their homes.

Gokwe – Community members at Gokwe Centre took hid of the President’s call for a lockdown and stayed in their homes. Gokwe District hospital was turning away all patients who came with diseases that were deemed as less threatening. These patients were being turned away right at the gate, and those who came accompanying expecting mothers and critically sick patients were also turned away. Only the accompanied person was allowed to get into the hospital gate. Only Spar, N. Richards and Choppies shops were opened today. Cars queuing for petrol were also parked with at least a meter in between. Community members from Ward 12 also stayed in their homes and all bars were closed. However, for community members in Gokwe North, ward 23 Tsungai area, it has been business as usual. All shops, barber shops, bars and butcheries were all open today and community members spend their time in groups at the business centre.

Buhera South – Community members in Ward 33 and Ward 6 took heed of the national lockdown and stayed in their homes. However, at Birchenough Bridge, some bars were spotted selling beer from their back doors. At around 1400 hours, soldiers were deployed to help reinforce the lockdown. All shops opened at 0800 – 1200 hours. In Ward 10, community members are also continuing with their businesses as usual. Most shops and bars at Chakotama were open the whole day and people were drinking beer in groups.

Gutu – Community members in Mukundi Ward 31, stayed in their homes. All shops were open at Mukundi business centre, Ward 31. At the business centre, there were containers of clean water and soaps to help community members wash their hands as they get into the shops. This was also observed in Ward 6 Serima and Ward 20. However in Ward 20, there is an increase in the number of people from their urban homes.

Chimanimani – Community members in Ward 7 stayed in their homes. However, two bars at Bomba business centre namely Bangai and Nyamunda opened the whole day. These two bars were still open and had people drinking beer in their numbers at 2128 hours.

Mwenezi – community members from Neshuro Ward stayed in their homes. Most shops at Neshuro township opened from 0900 to 1500. Police from Neshuro were also moving around the township peacefully dispersing people. However, some bars were spotted selling beer from backdoors and windows, despite the fact that the Police had ordered that they close.

Zaka – community members from Jerera Growth Point stayed in their homes. However, from around 1240 hours, community members started flocking into Jerera Growth Point. All shops opened from 0800 to 1500 hours.

Mazowe – Compared to yesterday, community members in ward 11 are beginning to take seriously the need to stay in their homes. However, other community members were gathered at Ngwezi homestead, in Nheera Village drinking opaque beer in groups. In Ward 9, most shops at Rosa were open except for bars and beerhalls. However, these were selling liquor from backdoors.

Bikita – Yesterday at around 1900 hours, people who were gathering up at Chinhamo business centre in Ward 11 were beaten and dispersed by the police. Today, community members took the call to stay at home seriously. In Ward 12, community members also stayed in their homes. Shops at Chikukutu shopping centre were all closed. Other shopping centres such as Maregere, Chivaka, Mandadzaka, Chikuku, and Zvoitavamwe were also open and were being monitored by the police. Nonetheless, there were other community members including two Village Heads who were gathered at Vherukayi, drinking opaque beer. However, at around 1300 hours, police fired tear smoke to disperse community members who were queuing for mealie-meal at the Growth Point.

Guruve – Community members stayed in their homes today. Most grocery shops at Guruve township were closed.

Mbire – Community members in Mbire stayed in their homes. Only four grocery shops at Mushumbi Growth Point were open from 0800 hours to 1200 hours. Police were also moving around the Growth Point ensuring that community members do not form groups, and maintain a 1 metre distance.

Chiundura – Community members stayed in their homes. Several shops at Muchakata business centre were open and police from a local base were ensuring that community members who came to buy their supplies do not end up gathering in groups.

Mutasa – It is business as usual for community members in Ward 21 and Ward 23 Mutasa South, as they continue with their daily movements without much restrictions. At around 0900 today, ZANU PF Chairperson for ward 21 Israel Samanga moved around the ward compiling names of all households, stating that the exercise was going to assist government in distributing aid to people. All food and groceries shops at Tsvingwe Shopping centre were open the whole day, except for bars and fruits and vegetable markets. In Ward 13, community members stayed in their homes. Only bars were closed. Only supermarkets at Hauna Growth Point in Ward 31 were open today. Community members in the Growth Point stayed in their homes. All bars were closed.

Headlands – Community members in Ward 12 were seen moving around. All shops and bars at Mutariri business centre were open today. Bar operators were arguing that their liquor will become sour if they do not clear their current stock.

Mutoko – Community members at Mutoko Centre Ward 20 spent the whole day stampeding for cheaper mealie-meal at Gain Wholesale. The shop opened the whole day from 0800 hours. Soldiers attempted to ensure that people observe 1 metre distance in the queue at around 1300 hours. People who were queuing however failed to maintain the distance and closed in after the soldiers left. In Ward 29 community members stayed in their homes. All shops at Nharira business centre were open, despite the fact that only a few people were passed through them. In Ward 21, community members stayed in their homes.

Banket – It was business as usual for Zvimba residents who survive on small scale mining in Ward 17, Templeton area. However, today at around 1100 hours, police managed to disperse all of them from the area, using baton sticks and tear smoke.

Hurungwe – Community members in ward 8 stayed in their homes. Most shops and bars at Karuru business centre were closed.

Chipinge – Community members in Ward 26 stayed in their homes today. There was a notable decrease of public transport along the Chiredzi – Tanganda road. However, Green Fuel (Chisumbanje) has been operating since the lockdown. Its buses are moving around ferrying workers to and from work.

Murehwa – Community members in Ward 11 stayed in their homes. All beer halls were closed today, and community members were very sceptical about attending funerals especially when they are not related to the family or the deceased.

Marondera – Yesterday, Police dispersed community members who were gathered at Mhizha business centre in ward 16. Today, community members in the area stayed in their homes. However bars at Chikwitiri Ward 14 were selling beer from their back doors.

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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