Corona Mthuli Dilemma

Events of the past days have betrayed unimaginable recklessness on the part of our government and our citizens in general in the face of Covid-19.

Our President was spotted in Namibia attending the inauguration of President Hage Geingob. This is the same man who banned foreign travel for his government. No wonder why he could not rebuke Prof. Ncube for touring Europe after the travel ban. This is the same man who addressed a gathering of thousands in Nyanga after banning gatherings of more than 100. Indicating left and turning right.

Our healthcare system is in the intensive care unit at a time when thousands of Zimbabweans will soon need intensive care support. Nurses are threatening to down tools because of unavailability of protective clothing. Thanks to Mthuli Ncube’s well thought out austerity measures which cut expenditure on health care. Our health care now depends on donor funding, unfortunately our traditional donors are battling with their domestic health crisis. We appreciate those donors who still go out of their way to support us.

As donors battle to support our fragile health system, we are channelling our own resources towards executive luxuries and the bulk is lost through corruption.

The workers are doing all they can to offer services but they are severely incapacitated, working under penal servitude.

Citizens appear to be taking after their government. Over the weekend it was business as usual at most popular bars and restaurants. The message of social distancing is being ignored with shocking arrogance.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, ARTUZ gave president Emmerson Mnangagwa a seven day ultimatum to fire Prof. Ncube as Finance Minister. The ultimatum expires today at 1439 hrs.

The President who is disregarding his own pronouncement with regards to Coronavirus cannot be expected to act responsibly on Mthuli’s case.

ARTUZ will today launch an education protest enhancing citizen agency with regard to Covid-19 and the imperative of firing Prof. Ncube.

Mthuli’s neoliberal policies have eroded the capacity of our public services to cater for our people. The corona virus pandemic has exposed how austerity measures have left us vulnerable as a people.

We will adhere to the standards of social distancing as recommended by the World Health Organisation, WHO, so we will not take numbers to the streets. Spontaneous protests from small groups of protestors will be witnessed nation wide. This will serve as build up to mass protests to be staged as soon as the corona virus is contained.

Our volunteers will be moving around educating people on how to keep themselves safe from Covid-19 and further denouncing Mthuli Ncube for his neo-liberal policies.

Join the campaign by raising corona awareness and demanding the firing of Prof. Ncube.

Source: Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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