Women Converse on Tax Justice

Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) conducted the In Her Own Voice radio discussion at Skyz Metro FM which tackled Tax Justice and how it affects women. The discussion was conducted in light of the #Women4TaxJustice campaign that is part of a movement to inform duty bearers that citizens do not condone the rising inequality perpetuated by government taxation.

The panel consisted of two phenomenal women, Julian Mugova, a legal practitioner and Thubelihle Ncube, a representative from Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ).

Thubelihle Ncube, a representative from Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) raised concerns on how government resolutions are means to increasing the suffering and disenfranchisement of the populace, particularly at a time of an economic downturn.

“The proposed 2.5% tax is just another avenue for plundering vulnerable citizen’s income,” she said. “There is no assurance on how the proposed 2.5% tax will be utilized, and this however will open corruption gaps.”

Julian Mugova, a legal practitioner, recommends that government includes a Women’s Empowerment Tax Incentive, with the mandate to help women get into employment. The Women’s Empowerment Tax Incentive will function as the proposed Tax Incentive for Companies that employ youths as noted in the 2020 National Budget.

“Any additional job created will attract a percentage tax rebate to the employer, linked to the employee’s salary,” said Julian Mugova, “The move will encourage firms to employ more women in the long run.”

She added: “Organizations working on tax justice are urged to interrogate the gender dynamics within the tax regime in Zimbabwe.”

Women in cross border trade are prone to over taxation and unfair taxation at the border. In that light, they are urged to keep all records of their transactions updated so as to avoid double taxation.

Speakers agreed that when taxes are reduced, the country stands a better chance to benefit from trade as the price of compliance would have been reduced and will encourage cultivating a culture of adhering to tax regulations and payments.

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Source: Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD)

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