Government Revives Examination Fees’ War Against the Poor

The 47% examination fees burden assigned to parents is unbearable for the majority of parents. We urge our government to assume 100% responsibility for basic education as defined in the constitution.

Currently parents are fighting hunger by prioritising a simple meal for their children from the little income they get. In some communities parents are denied access to free government food handouts and this exposes them to both hunger and astronomical exam fees.

It is so sad to note that government is demanding a near 50-50 cost of educating its citizens from economically disadvantaged learners. Majority of O’ and A’level candidates especially in rural areas are orphans who are taken care of by old non-income earning grandparents.

This wickedness is happening at a time some top government officials are flying expensive private jets and living lavish lives sponsored by poor tax payers.

As Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union (ARTUZ) we warn the selfish elite responsible authorities stop that economic terrorism on innocent learners or else we will mobilise both parents and learners to demand a fair cost of education within their economic means.

Furthermore, teachers also failing to pay the same increased as exam fees for their own kids who are 2020 Zimsec candidates. This revives our fighting spirit for united states dollar interbank-indexed salaries as we refuse to be educators who cannot educate our own kids.

Source: Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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