Summary and Simplification of the Proposed Constitutional Amendments

In 2013 Zimbabweans voted for a new Constitution. Prior to that, the public had participated in the Constitution making process by giving their views on what they wanted to be included in the Constitution. The Constitution is the highest law of the country and all laws, customs, practice and conduct should be in harmony with this law. The Constitution reflects the will and aspirations of the people and as such it should not be tempered with by regularly making changes to it.

The Constitutional Amendment Bill (No.2)-H.B.23, 2019 sets out proposed changes to a number of provisions in the Constitution. A Bill is a proposed law which has not yet been approved by Parliament and the President. The Legal Resources Foundation have prepared a leaflet and table which summarise and simplify the proposed changes as well as some of the implications of such changes. Before parliament debates the Bill, they are going to seek for the views of people across the country. Public hearings are expected to begin in April 2020. In order for you to participate and add your voice you should know what the Bill says.

Source: Legal Resources Foundation

Download the leaflet and table

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