Divisive 2.5% tax: An attempt to Destabilise Civil Service

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, ARTUZ notes with disgust an attempt to destabilise the public service by the governing Cabinet of errors. The divisive 2.5% tax imposed on civil servants to feed our military is a sick attempt to set civil servants against each other.

We are aware that members of the military have already turned down this scheme and labelled it as unrealistic and divisive. Whoever is pushing this agenda is an enemy of the state determined to destabilise our public service.

For the love of our motherland we will not allow unpatriotic citizens who found their way into leadership through the back door to derail efficient public service delivery. We urge President Emmerson Mnangagwa to read the riot act and block this chicanery which overtly threatens to compromise the efficiency of his government.

ARTUZ calls upon all civil servants’ Union to write to the President advising him to save our public services.

The solution to the current crisis is not a garrison shop or any of those now common funny initiatives. The solution is production and plugging the holes of corruption.

Zimbabwe should urgently formally redollarise and invest in productive sectors of our economy. We smash cartels and plug all leakages in our economy then the economy will find its footing.

The latest move is a threat to labour justice in Zimbabwe. Robbing underpaid civil servants to pay another group of civil servants is a sure sign of a cabinet that has run out of ideas. We will defend our miserable wages. Hands off our paltry salaries!

The right to education is again being threatened as a fresh wave of job actions is looming. This nonsense must just be stopped before it disrupts public service delivery.

We urge our members to brace for a historic action whose details will be announced soon.

Source: Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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