Constitutional Amendments Information

In January 2020, government announced a number of proposed amendments to the Constitution of Zimbabwe. You can read the Bill of the proposed amendments here, and view a simplified list of them here.

The Legal Resources Foundation has prepared a summary of these amendments in English, Shona and Ndebele.

We have a Constitutional Amendments page which we update each time we add new analysis, statements or information about the amendments.

Kubatana is also compiling short briefs on each clause, outlining key arguments about them from different civil society organisations and public commentators:

Another great source for all legislation information is Veritas. Subscribe to their Bill Watch and Constitution Watch updates and be the first with their analysis.

Check out Veritas’ clause by clause briefs on the amendments:

  • Part 1: Running mates clause and Parliament’s oversight on foreign agreements
  • Part 2: Appointment and tenure of judges
  • Part 3: Delimitation and cabinet ministers
  • Part 4: Prosecutor-General, Civil Service, Chief Secretary to President and Cabinet and Office of Public Protector
  • Part 5: Youth Quota, Women’s Quota and Provincial and Metropolitan Councils

Get active! According to the Constitution, Parliament must consult the public about these amendments. Get informed so you can make your considered submissions to Parliament. If you’d like to be the first with the Constitutional Amendment info, WhatsApp us on +263 779 567 768 or email and say Amendment Info.

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