Job Action Day 4 Update

The government of Zimbabwe is displaying sickening arrogance and contempt towards our legitimate demand for interbank rate indexed salaries. The employer is instructing hungry and desperate civil servants to board the inefficient ZUPCO buses as a way of dealing with incapacitation. They have further requested for patience as they engage in more pity parties under the National Joint Negotiating Council.

Incapacitation is not confined to transport only, assuming that the ZUPCO intervention could solve the transport crisis, civil servants would still need:

  1. ZUPCO healthcare
  2. ZUPCO education fees
  3. ZUPCO rentals
  4. ZUPCO food
  5. ZUPCO clothing

The ZUPCO intervention in the transport sector remains inefficient and unavailable in rural areas. The immediate solution is a review of the transport allowance.

The so called negotiations touted by Minister Nzenza, are a waste of everyone’s time. It is clear to all that we don’t have to negotiate salaries anymore. The new negotiated salaries will be eroded before they are announced. We demand interbank rate indexed salaries.

We note that the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has issued a circular demanding statistics of teacher attendance in our schools. This move is a clear testimony that the government has been shaken by the success of the ongoing job action. The circular is aimed at intimidating teachers who are participating in the ongoing job action. We urge the teachers to ignore the threats and focus on demanding bread and butter for our children. We warn the government to desist from the shameful act of intimidating teachers, such cowardly behavior will force us to escalate the ongoing fight.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, ARTUZ salutes all the revolutionary civil servants who have taken heed of the call to withdraw their labour demanding a living wage. The bold move is set to rescue our public service from collapse. Let’s remain united demanding interbank rate indexed salaries.

Tomorrow Friday 18 October we will give a full statistical report of the first week of our job action.

Matebeleland North has volunteered to host the launch of poverty camps. The poverty camps will be centers for the working class to converge during this job action as we intensify the fight for a living wage. Preparations are at an advanced stage and finer details will be shared soon.

Source: Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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