Decades of Struggle and Hope: A Zimbabwean Youth Compendium

This report provides findings, conclusions and recommendations from a youth situational analysis study for Zimbabwe that was carried out between November 2018 and April 2019.


The purpose of the study was to establish the political, social and economic situation of youth (15–35 years of age) in Zimbabwe.

The objectives of the study were to:

  1. Broaden understanding of the different groups of young Zimbabweans, their aspirations, challenges and opportunities within the prevailing political, social, economic, health, humanitarian and technological context;
  2. Deepen understanding about how young persons are surviving, organizing and mobilizing around issues that affect them;
  3. Review the effectiveness and constructiveness of young people’s different modes of organizing and mobilising, and to suggest practical recommendations on how weaknesses noted can be strengthened;
  4. Establish challenges and opportunities for participation, leadership and agency of youth in the social, economic and political dimensions;
  5. Assess young people’s knowledge about economic and political engagement opportunities available to them as well as understanding of their rights, roles and responsibilities as citizens, including those provided for by the Constitution and legislative framework of Zimbabwe;
  6. Establish ways to strengthen youth advocacy and oversight at multiple levels, and to improve civil society advocacy and representation of youth views; and
  7. Identify good practice models and programmes from comparative regional and international case studies to support youth participation, leadership and agency.

Download full report (57MB PDF)

Source: Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT)

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