The Worst Betrayal

I used to feel betrayed when my mother promised me sweets but come home with none. I felt betrayed when one member of our soccer team failed to turn up for a crucial match. Another betrayal was when my fiancée ran away with another man. Betrayal is so painful it feels like it is choking you to death. At that time, I thought loosing my fiancée was the worst betrayal ever. Little did I know that betrayal comes in different shapes, colour, form and sizes. The biggest betrayal was and is not felt by me alone, but the majority of Zimbabweans are deep in pain right now, political or leadership trust that has gone missing.

I want to open up here. Maybe the pain inside me will partly subside. I was a staunch supporter of Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC-T. I hated ZANU PF with every ounce of my blood, this was for a reason. You all know it. The November 17 events that brought an end to Mugabe’s leadership was an early Christmas present for me. I had highest hopes that things were going to change for better. I never knew that Zimbabweans could put aside their differences so easily and unite for a cause. Black, white, coloured. Tall, short, fat and slim. Shona, Ndebele, English and all. It was one Zimbabwe, one People, one Nation. I said to myself ‘This is a recipe for peace, love, unity, development and prosperity.’

Then came the inauguration of ED Mnangagwa as the new president. The ceremony turned out to be a real national event, attended by people from different walks of life. Across the entire political divide. Zimbabwe was united once again. The new president’s inaugural speech was so sweet, encouraging and full of promises that filled every listener with hope. I was in a queue at the bank that day. I remember telling my friends that these queues were coming to an end. I even jokingly added that we were going to miss the queues. One of my friends was rather pessimistic, he asked me how I thought the new President was going to solve the problems. My answer was quick, ‘He won’t solve by himself, but all Zimbabweans will unite and sort out the mess. Opposition political parties included. I am confident his first step will be to abandon the bond notes for the Rand or US$. This time it won’t be about ZANU PF or MDC-T but about Zimbabweans,’ I said. Little did I know that the worst betrayal was on its way.

I was so optimistic that the new President will sort the mess, considering that he was in the team that created the mess. I remember at school, you will be booed for failing a correction. I placed my biggest bet on the new President. He was my man to do the job. To do the corrections. I was nicknamed Ngwena (crocodile) by my workmates because of the love and confidence that I had in the new President. I was proud of that.

Anyway, all is now history. I now take my tea and lunch breaks in hidden places. I have now become the laughing stock of my friends. I feel so betrayed, so hopeless and so confused. I have learnt my lesson though: Never put trust in a human being.

If you ask me what I think as the best way forward? I will encourage Zimbabweans to demonstrate for a political dialogue between ZANU PF and MDC (these are the major political parties). Demonstrations must continue until the two leaders jointly address the nation with a promise to work together and take the nation forward.

Source: Muzukuru wamai ZANDAH

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