The Rights of Marginalized Groups in Prisons

Executive Summary

The plight of prisoners is generally overlooked by society as there is a lack of knowledge and understanding of prisoners’ rights and needs. The fact that a person is in prison does not mean loss of basic rights as a human being. The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services system does not adequately cater for the needs and fundamental rights of members of marginalised groups who are incarcerated for having broken the law. The Research and Advocacy Unit provisional study notes that groups such as women, foreign nationals, people with disabilities and foreign nationals fare much worse when they are in contact and in conflict with the justice delivery system and little is done to accommodate their respective needs. In addition to the insufficient resources to make the necessary changes there is a lack of understanding of the needs and challenges of these marginalized groups which are not in line with international human rights principles.

Source: Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU)

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