Teachers Desert Classrooms in Protest Against Under-Payment

Today is day one of phase 2 of teachers’ job action against slave wages. The day coincides with Teachers’ June pay day. The peanuts received by teachers have forced them to leave classrooms in protest.

Reports filtering from across the country indicate that no learning is taking place in our schools. 40% of the interviewed 4 200 teachers completely stayed away from work. The 60% at work is not teaching but mourning over eroded salaries.

The situation in our education sector has deteriorated to unprecedented levels. Teachers are condemning ARTUZ leadership for calling for a four day strike, they want an indefinite job action.

We beg teachers to be patient. We will withdraw labour for four days and escalate after evaluation.

We urge the government to address the issue of our eroded salaries. Teachers are now earning less than US 60 dollars at a time when our government is boasting of budgetary surplus.

We urge all teachers to join the 18-21 job action to send an undiluted message to our employer. Say No to Slave Wages!

Source: Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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