Frequently asked questions on the Marriage Bill

There was public outcry on the marriage bill that is circulating on social media platforms. It is important to know the following facts:

1. What is a Bill?
A Bill is not law but it is a proposed amendment to existing law. Therefore the marriage bill is proposing to amend different laws that regulates marriages in Zimbabwe.

2. What is the process to be followed?
The law-making process involves the development of draft law (Bill), publishing of the Bill in the Government Gazette for the public to be aware of the existence of such Bill, introduction of the Bill in Parliament, debate of the Bill.

3. When does a bill become law?
After the Parliament process the bill is sent to the President to sign according to section 110 of the Constitution.

4. What can you do as a citizen?
As a citizen you can make oral contributions of comments and concerns on the draft Bill during the Parliament consultative process or you can send written contributions to Parliament once the Bill has been gazetted.

5. Why is it important to talk about the Marriage Bill?
This is because the type of marriage is paramount in ascertaining the property rights in marriage, upon dissolution and death of a spouse.

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Source: Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA)

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