A CBO Spearhead the Reconstruction of an ECD Block in Chipinge

A community-based organization in Chipinge, PYD secured support from FEPA to reconstruct an ECD block that was devastated by the recent tropical storm Cyclone Idai. The reconstruction initiative helped children from poor background to access education and in turn prevent the dropout rate in the area.

According to the 2017 Annual Education Statistics Profile for Manicaland Province, school age population for Chipinge is 155 944 and of this figure 54 211 are enrolled at infant level. The district has 136 primary schools and the majority of them serve low income bracket. The ECD block at Rimbi Primary School is one of the schools that serve a low-income community. Tropical Cyclone Idai effects undermined social developments of the Rimbi community, as it exacerbates inequality and marginalization. The destruction of the ECD block in March 2019, is a clear indication of climate related vulnerabilities. In the immediate aftermath of the tropical Cyclone Idai, the damage to the ECD block interrupted children’s education. This posed serious challenges as the Rimbi community is already strained by the current harsh economic environment coupled with a looming drought.

“PYD places education and health of the most vulnerable members of our community at the core of the community development agenda.” Artwell Chingwara, PYD’s Information and Social Media Officer said.

“When Cyclone Idai struct in March this year, there was a rather depressing picture in terms of the impact of the destruction. PYD provided a strong framework with which reconstruction was possible and fell within the time for the school opening” Palmer Simango, Chairperson of the SDC Committee at Rimbi Primary School applauded the role of PYD. “The support that we received confirmed that PYD is indeed socially embedded in our local community.”

It becomes imperative that for social development to be realized in rural communities, quality school infrastructure has to be constructed. The quality infrastructure improves student outcome and reduces school dropouts. This augurs well with the 2030 agenda for sustainable development goal no. 4. Thus, the reconstruction of the ECD block at Rimbi Primary School was done with main objective of improving every child’s well-being.

Source: Platform for Youth Development Trust (PYD)

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