Harare North News – Issue 1

/Hatcliffe Clinic Maternity Ward Gets A Facelift

The Hatcliffe Clinic Maternity ward got a facelift following the combined efforts of Hon Allan Markham, donors, partners and well wishers.

The maternity ward roof renovations project was started by Hon Tongesai Mudambo previous Member of Parliament for Harare North who office before it was completed.

The maternity ward roof which was now as Chinua Achebe would say, “things fall apart” was redone in colourful green IBR sheets, with the help of Mr Nick from Solar World who donated 3 solar water geysers.

The roofing sheets and geysers were installed in no time and now the project is already finished.

The labour force that assisted on the project was picked from the local communities that is Hatcliffe Consortium, Baghdad, Hatcliffe Extension and the from Cooperatives, the idea behind being to keep rotating and having each and every community represented. While the emphasis by the MP is to young people to come up with projects proposals that need funding and he will not rest knocking on all doors to seek the required funding, so as to enable the young people a chance to elevate themselves and avoid being used by politicians for political expediency.

Source: Harare North Constituency

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