Macheka Square Substantive Committee Set Up

A substantive committee was elected in Macheka Square in Chitungwiza on 2 April 2019 which brought into office a substantive leadership to spearhead residents’ community lobby and advocacy work for the next two years. Residents discussed service delivery
challenges which include poor road network, erratic electricity and water supplies and increasing
sewer bursts.

Residents highlighted the following key issues which affect them:

Sewer bursts – Macheka Square residents are experiencing numerous sewer bursts every time water is available in the area. Resident Taurai Matienga said that the bursts are being caused by those residents who illegally built their houses in wetlands and on top of the main sewer line. They illegally connected their pipes to old houses’ main sewer lines. This is becoming a problem for those near the wetlands as they experience sewer bursts most of the time when there is water supply.

Erratic water supplies – residents in Macheka square only receive water on Tuesdays in their area which becomes difficult for mostly women to perform their daily household chores. Something must be done to ensure that residents have water at least three to four days a week.

Erratic electricity supplies – electricity has become a problem in the area. The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company have not announced load shedding but it is apparent that there is load shedding taking place. Alternative energy forms are more expensive, and liquefied petroleum gas is very expensive beyond their reach. They say ZESA should improve electricity supplies in Macheka square because residents pay for their electricity.

Well Cash – According to Sikohliwe Chapasuka of Macheka Square community the Well Cash people came to their area on Thursday 28 March 2019 distributing final demand letters to residents that if they fail to pay their debts they have no other option than to attach residents’ properties. This has created perpetual fear among residents who say they have no money to clear their debts but they love their properties.

Refuse Collection – According to Loice Marowa refuse has been haphazardly collected which has led to the creation of illegal dumpsites on street corners and open spaces in Macheka Square.

For further details, please contact the Macheka square Residents Committee Chairperson (0772645575) and Secretary (0779010747). A full report detailing the proceedings of the meeting will be shared.

Source: Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT)

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